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A key website for finding a solo ad vendor that will make your traffic hummmm.

Solo Ad Providers and Buyers meet here.

As a buyer of solo ads, you can shop the long list of providers to find one that fits.

Search by cost, by number of solos ads, by success rate,

by number of positive comments.

Simply send the URL you want to advertise and UDIMI does the rest.

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what is a SOLO AD afterall

here is a useful link that helps to explain exactly what a Solo Ad is and how it can help grow your list and your business.

A "solo ad" is a standalone email that administrators send to their subscribed base.  These solo ads are the most effecggive method of getting your message in front of new subscribers without any distractions.

European Safelist

Safelists are an inexpensive (read "free") way to build your list. The traffic you get from safelists is not targeted but with the right content in your autoresponder a contact can become a subscriber. One of the safelists that we have used in the past is the European Safelist. Not sure why the name is European since most of the contacts are from the US. You can email for free to a list every few days or so. If you upgrade for a few dollars, you can email more frequently, plus you will receive a list of 500 names and emails each month.

Silver membership for $3.00 / month

Pro membership for $7.00 / month

Platinum membership for $45.00 / month

Pro membership in European Safelist 

has all of these benefits....

* Send 3 times/day, your AD in HTML code to all free, Silver and Pro members
* 30 banner and/or text link
* 140.000 start credits and 80.000 monthly credits
* Earn $ commissions for referring all membership, free members included
* Earn credits for referring any members

* 500 mlm LEADS every month
* Free SOLO AD every month
*  personal capture page 

Why we all need TRAFFIC

Anyone who has a website, a blog, or any sort of internet presence will need people to see what they are posting.  This is TRAFFIC........we all need TRAFFIC........eyes cast upon our content

There are many different ways

to get TRAFFIC

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