Safelists for getting traffic and building your list

Safelists are an inexpensive (read "free") way to build your list. The traffic you get from safelists is not targeted but with the right content in your autoresponder a contact can become a subscriber.  One of the safelists that we have used in the past is the European Safelist.  Not sure why the name is European since most of the contacts are from the US.  You can email for free to a list every few days or so.  If you upgrade for a few dollars, you can email more frequently, plus you will receive a list of 500 names and emails each month.    

Silver membership for $3.00 / month

Pro membership  for $7.00 / month

Platinum membership for $45.00 / month

Currently I am at the Pro membership

Pro membership in European Safelist has all of these benefits....

* Send 3 times/day, your AD in HTML code to all free, Silver and Pro members
* 30 banner and/or text link
* 15 Saved Message
* 140.000 start credits and 80.000 monthly credits
* Earn $ commissions for referring all membership, free members included
* Earn credits for referring any members
* Have your personal AUTORESPONDER (Importing leads is NOT allowed)
* 500 mlm LEADS every month
* One SOLO AD every month ( read below )
Your personal capture page new

After 15/20 days from your last payment we will 
send, to your contact email, 500 leads and the instruction for send your SOLO for free.


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