What to Sell??

Starting an online marketing effort?  

Before anything else, you need to know what you plan to market.  Makes sense doesn’t it.  Of course, you could just grab up some so-called “get rich quick” deal you got in an email recently.  Your income will be in direct proportion to the value that you produce. A “junk” income from “junk” products, or a real income from real products.

Let’s consider what you can market or sell online.  You don’t need to decide now, especially since you may not realize everything that’s available.  At a high level, you’ll either sell physical products or digital products.  

Physical products are those that you can touch, and you’ll probably need an inventory, or at least use a drop-ship system.  

Digital products are basically those created on a computer,

and there are a ton of those to choose from.


You can be successful with either type of product;

just depends on what your interest is. 

Physical Products

  • Perhaps you get satisfaction from making something like a wood carving, a baby dress, a decorative piece;
  • You will need an inventory that’s stored at your location or available from a drop-ship system;
  • You will need to manage shipping and insurance unless a drop-shipper takes care of that;
  • You can create a nice-looking website using something like Woocommerce to handle the selling;
  • You can advertise on Pinterest;
  • You can set up a Facebook business along side of your personal Facebook;
  • Other social media outlets are available to you; e.g., Instagram, twitter, linkedin;
  • You can use Etsy to handle the advertising and selling;
  • Amazon.com is another place where you could market your products;
  • Online shopping malls provide a vast variety of products that you can sell;
  • I’m sure there’s a few more ideas, but this covers most of them.
  • We’ll have some newsletter articles in the future dealing with this side of the business.

Digital Products

  • Digital products include ebooks, software, video tutorials, training programs, pretty much anything you can conceive of that originates on a computer;
  • You can market your own digital products or you can choose to become an affiliate and market other peoples products;
  • Marketing can be done utilizing email marketing, solo ads, advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, youtube, and other social media;
  • Outlets like Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior are a great place to find products to sell as well as to list your own products;
  • You won’t need to manage an inventory of physical products.

Take a look at some of the links below

to help you narrow down your product focus. 

Partial list of product sources.